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accellerated dialup Internet Services is proud to announce the addition of accelerated dial-up services for our subscribers. This will allow you, as a Salsgiver subscriber, to speed up your surfing experience without upgrading to a high speed Internet connection. Please note that high-speed DSL and Wireless subsribers do not need this acceleration and it will not work with your connections. As a current customer you may try acceleration risk free! If you do not like our accelerated dial-up cancel before the month is up and we will refund the months charge for accelleration. If you enjoy the service and the enhanced surfing speed and experience simply do nothing.

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Agreement: By checking below and clicking the "Submit Order" button I understand that if I successfully install and connect to the service I will be billed for this service as long as I keep accelerated dial-up services active.

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NOTE: This software is NOT recommended for DSL and wireless subscribers. Please do not click on anything or interrupt your computer or browser after clicking the submit button below.

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